May Meeting

Wednesday 8 May 2019

DNS with Bind9

Speaker: William Bell

William will be providing an insight into DNS and how it controls most of the internet services we use daily, as well as a short example detailing how to set up a small Bind9 server on Debian.

Let’s Encrypt

Speaker: Tom Ryder

Expanding on our new knowledge of DNS with BIND, Tom Ryder will give a short presentation on how the free and automated certificate authority Let’s Encrypt works, and demonstrate requesting a new secure certificate for HTTPS using simple DNS verification.

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April: Evangelising & Fruit in a Blender

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Evangelising Linux in the Workplace
Speaker: Bob Bailey
Bob Bailey will outline two campaigns he waged in two separate workplaces: one failed completely, but one resulted in significant adoption. He will analyse the differences in approaches and share what he has learnt about about selling the penguin!

Non Photo Real rendering in Blender
Speaker: John Flower
John Flower will demonstrate creating stylistic renders with the newest version of Blender (2.8).

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March Meeting

7pm, Wednesday 13 March 2019

State of the Gaming Union
Speaker: Nick Skarott
Basic (and free) games such as the beloved Tuxracer used to be the staples of gaming in Linux. In 2013 the game development company Valve changed the landscape bringing their digital games distribution platform STEAM to Linux, and with it a buzz word – SteamPlay – highlighting cross platform games that work on Linux from small independent studio titles, to huge AAA titles from the likes of Square Enix, and beyond. Recent developments have changed things for the better in Linux, and Nick has been looking at them in great detail. Could 2019 truly be the year of the Linux Desktop from a gamers point of view?

Text Editor Miscellany
Speakers: Tom Ryder, Giovanni Moretti
Tom Ryder and Giovanni Moretti will show a few tricks with the venerable text editors Vim (Vi IMproved) and GNU Emacs, respectively.  If you don’t already use one of these editors, and you’re curious to try one, this might be useful to you.  (These presentations may be somewhat off-the-cuff!)

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February: Chronicles of GNU Linux, Fediverse, & AGM

Wednesday 13 February 2019

The Chronicles of GNU Linux
Speaker: Tom Ryder
Tom will give us the story of how we got Linux from Unix and it’s unlikely marriage to GNU libraries and user space tools. He will cover the tension between Linus Torvald’s pragmatism and Richard Stallman’s idealism and Linux’s expansion in the 90’s.

The Fediverse Alternative: Distributed and Federated Social Networks
Speaker: Giovanni Moretti
Google has decided to shut down Google+ leaving its two million+ users looking for another home. This decision illustrates how vulnerable users of centralised social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter are to arbitrary changes by those running the site. Giovanni will discuss alternative distributed social networking options such as the Fediverse and the IndieWeb that free users from centralised control.

Annual General Meeting
Nominations for club officers are:-
– President – Nick Skarott
– Vice President – John Flower
– Treasurer – Joseph Calkin
– Secretary – Tom Ryder
– Sgt-at-Arms – Richard Barlow
– General Committee Member – Don Esslemont

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December: Pizza & Retro Pi

Date: 7pm, Wednesday 11 December 2018
Cost: $10 for pizza

We’re ordering pizza for the last meeting of the year. We haven’t decided from where, but we have faith that the democratic process can be applied.  The committee has agreed to subsidising pizzas by $5 per person (cap of $100).

Retro gaming will be provided by Nick Skarott through Raspberry Pi and an old CRT screen. We’ll end the year by protecting the Earth from aliens and solve the rest of the  world’s problems through ?rational? conversation.

November Meeting

Date: 7pm, Wednesday 14 November 2018

Unity 3d

William Bell will be doing a quick overview of some of the games which have been made with Unity and some of it’s benefits and drawbacks compared to one or two other popular game engines. He’ll also be going over a small scene to demonstrate how easy it is to make the basis of a simple game.

About: William works as a web designer for ProDev and develops games as a hobby.

Supercharging STEAM (and other related services)

Nick Skarott came across an issue with his local LAN party’s network. With almost all video games being distributed and patched via online services like Steam, Origin, Battle.Net and UPlay, an early patch on LAN day can cripple the connection to the outside world, ruining the experience for many at these parties. He will share his container based solution with us.

About: Nick is interested in all things multimedia and organises broadcasting of sporting events such as the recent Badminton World Federation Super 300 tournament in Auckland.

Making a Sieve in Blender

John Flower will demonstrate how to use the Thickness Modifier in Blender to create sieves and collanders.

About: John uses open source graphics software in his job as an engraver for Trophy Specialists & Engraving. Continue reading “November Meeting”

October Meeting

Date: Wednesday 10 October 2018

We have three talks this month:-

Journey into Linux and Open Source
Don Esslemont was first exposed to computing in the Royal Navy as a gunnery officer and made use of them after in his career teaching Economics and Finance at various tertiary institutions. He will share his journey starting from setting up a Unix server at Massey in the late 70s.

Kodi – The Debunk of the Legalities, The “OSCA” ROM, and the hidden niceties.
Still evolving the ultimate media setup, Nick Skarott will run through Kodi itself and talk about the current stigma in media, installation on hardware costing less than $80 using a project called CoreELEC, and some hidden neat tricks that have been found to enhance the media experience and further the evolution of his home media setup.

About: Nick is passionate about all things multimedia and is involved in broadcasting events such as the recent Badminton World Federation Super 300 tournament in Auckland.

Email with Mutt
Tom Ryder will review this venerable email tool that runs in a terminal, for reading and writing messages in plain text in your choice of text editor.

About: Tom is a systems administrator for Inspire Net, and a terminal tools enthusiast.

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September: Nextcloud

Date: Wednesday 12 September 2018

Richard Barlow will speak on Nextcloud. It is an alternative open source solution to replace proprietary cloud services. It allows users to host their own server with full control. With the ability to store and share files across the web.

Short talks will be given by Joseph Calkin on AWS and John Flower on Exporting Terrain Contours from Blender Using Freestyle.

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