October: Password managers and AV1

7pm, Wednesday 9 October 2019


Speaker: Tom Ryder

Re-using the same passwords on multiple sites causes a lot of security problems, but humans aren’t good at remembering a large number of passwords. Part of a good solution is a secure password manager. Tom will demonstrate a few Linux-friendly options, including his own favourite, password-store.


Speaker: Nick Skarott

AV1 is another in a line of freely available patent free video codecs. But despite the fact other free codecs exist like VP9, adoption of this codec outside of YouTube is next-to-non existent. What makes AV1 different to the point that has streaming giants like Netflix and Twitch to all the big hardware vendors like Intel, AMD and Nvidia joining the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia)?

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September: Streaming & Proxmox

7pm, Wednesday 11 September 2019

Streaming on Linux

Speaker: Nick Skarott

Proxmox Virtual Environment

Speaker: William Bell

William will be talking about Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) and how it’s made running an adaptable and secure server easier than other options he has tried in the past. He’ll give a quick demonstration of how to use its basic functionalities and a suggest ways to set it up to make things faster and easier to manage.

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August: Anacron, Inkscape, & Blender with Wacom

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Anacron is not cron

Speaker: Stephen Worthington

Most of us have used cron to schedule something. But often what we thought was cron was actually anacron, a completely different program with a different purpose.

Inkscape & Blender

Speaker: John Flower

John will share his experience of teaching his twelve year old niece how to use Inkscape and how that led to the company he works for (Trophy Specialists & Engraving Ltd) using it to assess suitability of job applicants. He’ll also demonstrate a Wacom tablet using Blender.

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July: Manjaro & Incremental Backups

Wednesday 10 July 2019


Speaker: Nick Skarott

Nick will talk about he came to be using the Manjaro distro.

Incremental Backups

Speaker: Tom Ryder

Incremental backups are a method of storing complete snapshots of a set of files over time, allowing restoring any file from any day, including de-duplication to save disk space rather than storing identical files more than once. Tom Ryder will talk about doing this in a homebrew way on GNU/Linux, focusing on the use of rsync and its Perl frontend Dirvish.

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June: Are Big Corporates Good for GNU Linux?

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Wayland, Snap, & Flatpaks

Speaker: Bob Bailey

Bob will describe how big corporates are creating things like Wayland, Snap, & Flatpaks and lead a discussion about the impact this may have on the GNU Linux world.


Speaker: Giovanni Moretti

Giovanni will be giving a talk on Orgmode, which is a widely used extension that’s now part of Emacs.

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