March Meeting

7pm, Wednesday 13 March 2019

State of the Gaming Union
Speaker: Nick Skarott
Basic (and free) games such as the beloved Tuxracer used to be the staples of gaming in Linux. In 2013 the game development company Valve changed the landscape bringing their digital games distribution platform STEAM to Linux, and with it a buzz word – SteamPlay – highlighting cross platform games that work on Linux from small independent studio titles, to huge AAA titles from the likes of Square Enix, and beyond. Recent developments have changed things for the better in Linux, and Nick has been looking at them in great detail. Could 2019 truly be the year of the Linux Desktop from a gamers point of view?

Text Editor Miscellany
Speakers: Tom Ryder, Giovanni Moretti
Tom Ryder and Giovanni Moretti will show a few tricks with the venerable text editors Vim (Vi IMproved) and GNU Emacs, respectively.  If you don’t already use one of these editors, and you’re curious to try one, this might be useful to you.  (These presentations may be somewhat off-the-cuff!)

Milson Community Centre

$2 gold coin donation.

  • Agenda
    • Welcome
      Chair: Nick Skarott
    • State of the Gaming Union
      Speaker: Nick Skarott
    • Break
      Tea & coffee
      Donations collected
    • General Business
    • Something Interesting
      Speaker: Tom Ryder
    • Doors close

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