October Meeting

Date: Wednesday 10 October 2018

We have three talks this month:-

Journey into Linux and Open Source
Don Esslemont was first exposed to computing in the Royal Navy as a gunnery officer and made use of them after in his career teaching Economics and Finance at various tertiary institutions. He will share his journey starting from setting up a Unix server at Massey in the late 70s.

Kodi – The Debunk of the Legalities, The “OSCA” ROM, and the hidden niceties.
Still evolving the ultimate media setup, Nick Skarott will run through Kodi itself and talk about the current stigma in media, installation on hardware costing less than $80 using a project called CoreELEC, and some hidden neat tricks that have been found to enhance the media experience and further the evolution of his home media setup.

About: Nick is passionate about all things multimedia and is involved in broadcasting events such as the recent Badminton World Federation Super 300 tournament in Auckland.

Email with Mutt
Tom Ryder will review this venerable email tool that runs in a terminal, for reading and writing messages in plain text in your choice of text editor.

About: Tom is a systems administrator for Inspire Net, and a terminal tools enthusiast.

Milson Community Centre

$2 gold coin donation.

  • Agenda
    • Welcome
      Chairman: John Flower
    • Talk: Journey into Linux and Open Source
      Speaker:  Don Esslemont
    • Break
      Tea & Coffee. Donation jar passed around.
    • General business
    • Review: Kodi
      Speaker: Nick Skarott
    • Review: Mutt
      Speaker: Tom Ryder
    • Doors close

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