CalfSmart & Tmux

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Digital Cloud – Level 2 Rangitikei House (Few floors down from where Spinning Planet used to be), Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North

$2 gold coin donation.

  • Agenda
    • 7:00PM Welcome
    • 7:15PM Workshop One – Basic and Beginners
      • Gumboots and a keyboard?! – Joseph Calkin
        Joseph will give a “30,000ft” overview of CalfSmart, an automated calf feeding system and the tools he used to aid in its creation.
    • 7:35PM Break. Get a drink from the club bar and relax.
    • 7:50PM Distribution of the Month
      • LibreELEC –
        LibreELEC is an evolution of OpenELEC touted as “Just enough OS for Kodi”. With it’s welcoming of community builds not only does it support your common Intel/AMD based system, but also a myriad of Android TV devices based on various ARM “system-on-chip” processors.
    • 8:00PM Club matters/collection of month donations.
    • 8:10PM Workshop Two – Advanced
      • Tmux Terminal Multiplexer – Tom Ryder
        The command line terminal can be a hostile environment to multitasking. We all know this. But it doesn’t need to be. Tmux opens up the ability to run multiple applications in the same command line window. Tom will give us an overview of the software and demonstrate how it can speed up your command line life.
    • 8:30PM Finish

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