Productivity & SystemD

Wednesday 14 June 2017

PN Cosmopolitan Club, Linton Street, Palmerston North

$2 gold coin donation. Extra if you wish to partake of the reasonably priced bar.

  • Agenda
    • 7:00PM Welcome
    • 7:15PM Workshop One – Basic/Beginners
    • 7:35PM Break. Get a drink from the club bar and relax.
    • 7:50PM Distribution of the Month
      • Sadly this month we have no distribution of the month for this month. If anyone would like to suggest one for next month and is willing to give a 5-10 minute overview on what it is please see Nick to have it added to next months agenda.
    • 8:00PM Club matters/collection of month donations.
    • 8:10PM Workshop Two – Advanced
      • SystemD: My experience, and why it’s driving me mad! – Stephen Worthington
        • Stephen has been playing with and learning SystemD. He will present his findings, and why it’s damn near driven him right up the bend!
    • 8:30PM Finish