May: PiSCSI and command-line tools


7pm, Wednesday, 8 May 2024

Topic 1/2: PiSCSI: Emulating a SCSI Hard Drive with a Raspberry Pi

Speaker: Adrian Hayes

Reliable and operational SCSI hard drives for vintage Macintosh computers are getting rarer and harder to find these days. Emulating SCSI hard drives can give your vintage Mac a new lease on life, with a number of modern upgrades available, one being the PiSCSI adapter.

Topic 2/2: GNU command-line tools

Speaker: Tom Ryder

The GNU core utilities is a suite of command-line tools that do basic file, shell, and text manipulation. A few of them, like ls(1) or cp(1), are among the first and most common commands a GNU/Linux user would use. But how about basename(1), to strip a filename’s path or extension? Or fmt(1), to format text to a given width? Or factor(1), to print the prime factors of a number? Tom will go through some of the lesser-known coreutils programs, and show a bit about what they do, along with a few other tools in the same vein that are usually packaged separately, including bc(1) and units(1).


Milson Community Centre


$2 gold coin donation

Coffee and biscuits will be provided, but please feel free to bring along your own snacks and drinks.


  • 7:00pm: Welcome (Tom Ryder)
  • 7:10pm: Topic 1/2: PiSCSI: Emulating a SCSI Hard Drive with a Raspberry Pi (Adrian Hayes)
  • 7:55pm: Tea and coffee break
  • 8:05pm: General business (Nick Skarott)
  • 8:10pm: Topic 2/2: GNU command-line tools (Tom Ryder)
  • 9:00pm: Doors close

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