April: Plasma 6 and OpenBSD


7pm, Wednesday, 10 April 2024

Topic 1/2: Plasma 6

Speaker: Nick Skarott

KDE’s Plasma is a known and loved desktop environment for many Linux users. Being relatively clean while being fully featured without much system load, it’s long been a go-to for those who want a well supported environment that’s prettier than XFCE, but faster than GNOME (at least in the presenter’s opinion). Nick went to have a look at the new version of Plasma, while tackling an arch-nemesis head on to see if, once and for all, his most-feared distribution can be tamed.

Topic 2/2: Exploring OpenBSD

Speaker: Brendon Green

How hard can it possibly be to install and use OpenBSD in 2024? Let’s find out together. Inspired by xkcd #349.


Milson Community Centre


$2 gold coin donation

Coffee and biscuits will be provided, but please feel free to bring along your own snacks and drinks.


  • 7:00pm: Welcome (Tom Ryder)
  • 7:10pm: Topic 1/2: Plasma 6 (Nick Skarott)
  • 7:55pm: Tea and coffee break
  • 8:05pm: General business (Nick Skarott)
  • 8:10pm: Topic 2/2: Exploring OpenBSD (Brendon Green)
  • 9:00pm: Doors close

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