October: Speeduino and LVM


7pm, Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Topic 1/2: Speeduino: Open source / Open Hardware Engine Management

Speaker: Richard O’Donoghue

Speeduino is an open source and open hardware Arduino-based system for managing engines. Richard will talk about some basics of engine management, the software, and what the hardware can do.

Download slides (application/pdf, 248 KiB)

Topic 2/2: LVM (Logical Volume Management)

Speaker: Tom Ryder

Managing partitions on disks is a pain, especially on hardware disks. Logical Volume Management (LVM) for Linux-based systems provides a means to perform volume management much more dynamically and flexibly, including creating snapshots and drive redundancy, without needing to reboot. Tom will give a demonstration of the basics of using LVM, including using it at install time as part of an encrypted setup for Debian GNU/Linux and other distributions.

Download slides (application/pdf, 588 KiB)


Milson Community Centre


$2 gold coin donation

Coffee and biscuits will be provided, but please feel free to bring along your own snacks and drinks.


  • 7:00pm: Welcome (Tom Ryder)
  • 7:10pm: Topic 1/2: Speeduino: Open source / Open Hardware Engine Management (Richard O’Donoghue)
  • 7:55pm: Supper Break
  • 8:05pm: General business (Tom Ryder)
  • 8:10pm: Topic 2/2: LVM (Logical Volume Management) (Tom Ryder)
  • 9:00pm: Doors close

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