October: A rocky outcrop.

Date: 7pm, Wednesday, 14 October 2020

As the internet grows into every corner of our lives, so too does pervasive surveillance within it. Your activity can be intercepted, analysed, and abused by many interested parties, from credit card thieves to abusive nation-states. The privacy implications of everything being networked in this way are enormous, and in most cases very poorly understood by the general public. Worse, unscrupulous and incompetent vendors take advantage of this confusion, and peddle white-labelled security snake-oil that gives users a false sense of security.

A better option for defending yourself from such surveillance is the use of the Tor network, which routes your internet traffic through multiple computers on the internet in such a way that your privacy is protected. Tom will explain the basics of how Tor works, and list some of the benefits and caveats in using it.

Milson Community Centre

$2 gold coin donation.

  • Agenda
    • Welcome
      Chair: John Flower
    • Tor
      Speaker: Tom Ryder
    • General Business
    • Supper
      Tea, coffee, biscuits, and solving the world’s problems.
    • Doors close

2 thoughts on “October: A rocky outcrop.”

  1. A couple of elderly gentlemen from Julia Wallace Retirement Village (next-door to the Milson Community Centre) would like to attend the October session, just to meet a few of you. We are interested in starting a (small!) group for getting into Pi-based projects in the village

  2. Great meeting tonight folks, thank you. Here are the slides for my talk: https://sanctum.geek.nz/presentations/tor-anonymity-network.pdf

    Here’s a list of Tor exit nodes (1,733 at this time): https://check.torproject.org/torbulkexitlist

    Here are the TICSA rules describing what intercept capability ISPs need to have in New Zealand: https://www.ncsc.govt.nz/ticsa/

    Here’s the open source implementation of lawful intercept software I mentioned, OpenLI: https://openli.nz/

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