Taming of the Shell & Open Broadcast Studio

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Calfsmart HQ – 946 Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North

$2 gold coin donation.

  • Agenda
    • 7:00PM Welcome
    • 7:15PM Workshop One – Basic/Beginners
      • The taming of the Shell – Tom Ryder
        The Linux command line is something many new linux users look at, and then summarially run for the hills from. It looks unwieldy and horrid and geeky but a few simple tricks, tips and basic scripting knowledge can very easily tame it and let even the novice harness the power of it. Tom will show us how.
    • 7:45PM Break.
    • 8:15PM Club matters/collection of month donations.
    • 8:30PM Workshop Two – Advanced
      • OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) – Nick Skarott
        • Livestreaming is becoming the norm for many things, not just gamers trying to earn a buck or two on Twitch.TV. Sporting codes from Badminton to Grid Iron are harnessing online streaming to further promote their brands and make it more accessable. OBS is one of a plethora of tools to aid with this that happens to be not only multi-platform but also open source and free.
    • 9:00PM Finish

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