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September 2016 Workshops

Posted on Wednesday 07 September 2016 - 12:53:41 | by Meow Tuna

When: 7pm, Wednesday, September 14th
Where: PN Cosmopolitan Club - see http://www.pncossieclub.co.nz/
Cost: Gold coin donation


Chairman's Welcome

7pm - 7:15pm
Chairman: Nick Skarott

Session 1 - Remote Servers

7:15pm - 8pm
Speaker: Brynn Nielson, Spinning Planet Ltd

Brynn will explain how Spinning Planet purchases remote server services from virtual machines in Germany for $10 per year to Google Cloud App services for $200 per month. This presentation will interest companies that already host their own web services like email, file storage and applications on remote or internal servers and why they should switch to external IAS providers.

Break and Miscellany

8 - 8:15pm

We have a break, collect gold coin donations and answer any questions that anyone has regarding Linux and Open Source projects. 

Session 2 - Vulkan

8:15pm - 9pm
Speaker: Nick Skarott

Vulkan (not to be confused with our Vulcan friends from Star Trek) is the latest and greatest open source multi-platform graphics API to come out of the Khronos group. Available for Linux, Windows, and a handful of other platforms, Nick will go over what makes this new API important, hardware requirements, and demonstrate the performance benefits over OpenGL using iD Software's latest title, DOOM, which features the Vulkan API as a rendering path.

Notes from meeting

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